“Anaplan is the platform that connects our organization. We use it to drive new systems, processes, and understanding into how to run our business better.”

Retail Industry
IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security


  • Enable your organization to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business.
  • Model changes with drag and drop in minutes, that normally take weeks in spreadsheets.
  • Create detailed planning models that utilize all your data, at any level of granularity, for real-time impactful business decisions.
  • Drive your business to be more dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent.

Anaplan Connects Your People, Plans and Data

Plan in a dynamic, continuous way by measuring, monitoring, drilling deep into root causes, performing “what-if” analysis and re-forecasting in real-time.

From the head office to the shop floor, finance can collaborate with all departments across the enterprise to align objectives with operational tactics and financial plans.

Drive intelligent decisions with predictive analytics that leverage historical data and external information in real-time to optimize your forecast.

When it comes to planning, IT executives need a foundational platform that can harness the power of technological innovation without compromising their priorities. A platform is needed that brings data together from any source, analyzes and processes data at a granular level, and connects the output in the form of actionable plans and decisions. Such a system needs to be secure, flexible, scalable, forward thinking, and continuously available.
Anaplan for IT goes beyond standard ERP planning solutions to provide a platform for business users to connect IT, financial, corporate, and operational planning. With the Anaplan platform, IT planning becomes collaborative and adaptable. Less time is spent on interlock, and more time is spent creating the future. A single Connected Planning platform replaces the need for multiple spreadsheets and point solutions, allowing aggregation, simplification, and governance control.

Shifting the conversation from technology to opportunity

To reduce and rationalize IT footprints while delivering greater value as strategic business leaders, CIOs need to leave their old planning ways behind and rethink their view of the technology landscape. Through reading this paper, CIOs and IT leaders will better understand:


  • The need to align technology priorities and architectural roadmaps based on a forward-looking, cloud-based platform
  • How to move from task overload to delivering measurable business value
  • How harnessing the power of Connected Planning can help businesses meet (and exceed) their enterprise-wide planning initiatives with ease
  • The Anaplan platform’s architecture, security framework, and integration capabilities