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Briskwin IT Solutions : Siebel Mobile Application

We read in our previous blog how Oracle Siebel provide up to date features to make sure its client do not feel outdated . Features such as Test Automation, Application Response Measurement, Application Deployment Manager & most importantly , Siebel Handheld, Siebel Wireless, Siebel Remote and Mobile Web Client. With such a diverse spectrum of use, Siebel is still the Best On Premise CRM Application present .
Here at Briskwin IT Solutions , we have been working on Siebel Mobile Applications , Both for Android as well as iOS .

Siebel Mobile App :

1. Introduction :

In today’s workforce, majority of the users work outside their office and access to enterprise information is very important . Siebel Mobile applications enable you to access Siebel CRM information with your mobile device in real time by permitting you to access a browser-based version of one of the following Siebel Business Applications on your mobile device:
  • Siebel Sales
  • Siebel Service
  • Siebel Pharma
  • Siebel Consumer Goods
The URL address that you use accesses a unique mobile-enabled Siebel Application Object Manager and renders the UI using jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile is a mobile framework or JavaScript library that is designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It is used to create mobile applications with a native look-and-feel which can run on multiple operating systems.
Siebel Mobile applications are ideal for field sales and service representatives whose access is limited to their tablet or smartphone device while travelling or in the field with a customer. Siebel Mobile applications are designed to maximize the following:
  • Usability. Siebel Mobile applications are designed for field sales and service users and are optimized to support frequent tasks in the sales and service cycle.
  • Productivity. Siebel Mobile applications maximize productivity by enabling you to find the relevant information easily and to complete important activities quickly.
  • Collaboration. Siebel Mobile connected applications enable you to pass contact information to other contacts, employees, or account team members. Additionally, you can schedule meetings and calls with contacts, employees, account team members, and even account customers, while you are mobile.

2. About Siebel Mobile Products

Several mobile applications are included in the Siebel CRM product line. Each serves a different purpose and runs on different devices. Often, these applications complement each other. The mobile applications are as follows:
  • Siebel Mobile Connected Applications. Siebel Business Applications accessed from a browser on a mobile device, where the browser is connected to a Siebel Server. This is a new offering from Oracle which provides access to Siebel Business Applications, with its native look-and-feel, from tablets and smartphones. The following applications are supported in connected mode: Siebel Pharma, Siebel Consumer Goods, Siebel Sales, and Siebel Field Service
  • Siebel Mobile Disconnected ApplicationsSiebel applications accessed from a browser on a mobile device, where the browser is not connected to a Siebel Server (offline mode). This is a new offering from Oracle which provides access to Siebel, with its native look-and-feel, from tablets and smartphones. The following applications are currently supported in disconnected mode: Siebel Pharma and Siebel Field Service.
  • Siebel Mobile Web Client and Siebel Remote. A disconnected client and supporting server-side software. These applications provide intelligent transaction routing, data synchronization, and Store-and-Forward Messaging (SFM) capabilities. Siebel Remote works only on Microsoft® Windows™-based desktops, laptops, and tablets.
  • Siebel Handheld Applications. A disconnected client with data filtering, data synchronization, and Store-and-Forward Messaging capabilities. Siebel Handheld applications only run on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.x operating system.
  • Siebel Wireless. Siebel Business Applications delivered to client browsers that connect to a Siebel Server through a wireless network. Siebel Wireless runs on any phone that has an HTML browser.

About Briskwin IT Solutions :

BWIT specializes in CRM – Siebel applications by providing a wide array of services like CRM strategy and processes setup, CRM upgrades, customize CRM applications to meet user needs while ensuring that future upgrade paths are not affected, CRM audits, CRM performance management, CRM solutions, interface design, system configuration, system integration, testing, rollour management. Our expertise in implementation allows us to guide our customers through strategic set up while our upgrade expertise allows our us to ensure that customizing is always performed without impacting a future upgrade while meeting our customer needs.
We are a fast growing company with a compelling offer that is resonating with both current and prospective clients. Our work environment is friendly and fun, yet professional. We often have positions for both new entrants to the Information Technology field as well as seasoned veterans. You will find that we support learning and personal development no matter where you are in your career. We offer competitive compensation packages, exceptional benefits and opportunities for growth and advancement.
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