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BriskWin IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic IT Services, Staffing, and Consulting company in India. It caters to the business needs of global clients, offering them with effective and efficient solutions related to Talent Acquisition, CRM, IT, Cloud, Database, Automation & Testing, and Digital Marketing & Lead Generation.

What We Do

We offer business solutions using emerging technology, innovative approach, and agile methodology from requirement analysis through implementation.

Who We Help?

Businesses looking for a reliable partner to solve their business problems ensuring success through flexibility and scalability.

Why Choose Us

We deliver what we promise using our diverse experience, extensive areas of expertise, and self-managed dedicated teams offering value for money and resource optimization.

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Our Services

Meeting your business needs with our integrated solutions!

Talent Acquisition

We offer effective and efficient manpower solutions to our customers to fulfil their diverse recruitment needs. Our solutions include RPO, permanent & contract staffing, offshore & remote staffing, and Recruit-Train-Deploy staffing.

Customer Relationship Management

We help our clients by providing a wide array of CRM implementation services including CRM strategy and processes setup, CRM upgrades, customize CRM applications, CRM testing, and CRM performance management.

Automation & Testing

We drive value for customers through our dedicated team of self-managed experts. We cover every aspect of automated and manual testing including functional, performance, usability, security, regression, and system integration testing.

Information Technology

As an IT solutions provider in India with a global reach, our strong team of IT engineers thrive on solving your IT problems and meeting your business needs. Some of our IT expertise includes cloud services, application development, Java development, Microsoft consulting, and data services.

Digital Marketing & Branding

We enable you to build a strong and successful brand in digital space through a well-planned digital marketing strategy, including SEO, SMO, SEM, and optimized content creation.

Lead Generation

Our team of lead generation experts design a winning strategy to generate qualified leads for the customers by leveraging digital marketing (SEO, SMO, SEM), email marketing and other methods to create a great sales pipeline.

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