About BriskWinIT


BriskWin IT Solutions (BriskWinIT) is an IT services, staffing, and consulting company specializing in Talent Acquisition, Customer Relationship Management, Information Technology, Automation & Testing, and Digital Marketing & Lead Generation. The company offers its services to a wide global customer base across different industries to solve business challenges and to drive success.

BriskWinIT was incorporated in 2018 with the main focus on serving its customers with best-in-class solutions, while delivering a great business value through innovation and transformation. The company drives value for customers by fulfilling their diverse business needs through its dedicated team of self-managed experts including software engineers, automation & testing engineers, CRM experts, recruiters, and marketing & business development professionals.

We guide our customers through effective and efficient solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements for ensuring business continuity, while keeping sustainability and future needs at the forefront. When it comes to quality, BriskWinIT delivers superior customer experience and satisfaction through innovative approach, emerging technology, and business excellence. Our solutions enable our customers to reduce operational cost, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

We are on a mission to exceed your expectations and to form a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with you. We nurture growth and drive success for our clients through innovative solutions, dedicated efforts, and uncompromising commitment to quality!

Our Vision

To be a reliable and trusted information technology, staffing, and marketing & business development solutions and consulting company. Reliable in helping customers solve their business problems through the application of innovative solutions and excellence in customer service. Trusted, as we will continue to deliver on time, every time.

Our Mission

To help our customers transform their business challenges into success stories. We achieve this by offering information technology services, staffing, and marketing and business development solutions to meet their short-term and long-term business goals. Using our diverse expertise and through continuous improvements and innovations, we deliver value for our customers so that they can achieve increased efficiency with higher productivity.

Our Values

We are what we are because of our value-based approach to all we do. We strongly believe in: