Cookies Policy

This policy is effective as of July 17, 2023 and the same will be updated time-to-time.

Cookies are small text files which we can place on your devices, including mobile device, that you use to access our website as per your preferences for cookies settings on your browser. Based on your settings for cookies, we may collect the following information to the extent permissible under applicable law: information related to your device’s operating system, unique device identifier, mobile device or computer IP address, your mobile carrier or internet service provider and location related information.

Why are cookies used?

As described earlier, cookies are small text files containing information which get downloaded to your devices, such as mobile phone or computer as soon as you visit a website. This is done with the purpose of recognizing your device during a session to provide a better user experience.

Types of cookies used by us:

Session Cookies:

These cookies are session bound and remain active only during a session. This helps in avoiding inconveniences during a browsing session. When a user is logged in to the website, these cookies assist in navigating through the website, while allowing them to access secure areas of the website. These are essential cookies to provide the services you have asked for.

Persistent Cookies:

Persistent cookies are used to remember your choices and preferences during your earlier session so as to help you get more personalized experience. These preferences could include your language and regional preferences which are retained by persistent cookies at the end of a session. These cookies are stored on your devices and persist even after the browsing session is terminated.

How do you manage your cookies preferences?

You can choose to avoid the use of cookies by changing browser settings for cookies on your device. There are options available in your browser settings to disable the use of cookies as well as the options to delete the cookies saved during earlier sessions.

Please note that not accepting cookies may result in less user-friendly experience while browsing a website and some of the features and functionalities may not work properly.

How to contact us?

If you have any queries regarding our cookies policy, you can contact us by visiting the contact us page on our website: