Talent Acquisition


Recruitment of Passive Candidates is on the Rise

All firms, regardless of size, face a significant problem in addressing the talent shortage. There are millions more job opportunities worldwide than there are people looking for work. Companies are now concentrating on passive candidates to address this issue. Although passive candidates aren't actively seeking a job, they might be open to one if it fits their needs. Advantages of Targeting Passive Candidates There are good reasons why businesses are turning to passive candidates: Th


Changing landscape in talent acquisition industry

Adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPS) gave an edge to businesses in running daily operations with minimized errors and increased efficiency, but it definitely took a toll on employment opportunities. To add to the woes, the recent technological advancements in the form of ChatGPT and other AI-enabled tools have further disrupted the traditional manpower utilization in almost every industry, thus causing a paradigm shift in talent acquisition business. The recruitment services industry


Business Process Automation through No-Code Workflow

Business Process Automation (BPA) has become quintessential for businesses to maximize their return on investments by reducing operational cost and manual tasks and by increasing efficiency and productivity. However, BPA has recently graduated to the next level through the use of no-code workflow automation. BPA platforms use no-code technologies to automate workflows in order to achieve business objectives of fast delivery and effective solutions by integrating different applications. This r