Business Process Automation through No-Code Workflow

Business Process Automation (BPA) has become quintessential for businesses to maximize their return on investments by reducing operational cost and manual tasks and by increasing efficiency and productivity. However, BPA has recently graduated to the next level through the use of no-code workflow automation.

BPA platforms use no-code technologies to automate workflows in order to achieve business objectives of fast delivery and effective solutions by integrating different applications. This reduces manual errors, improves data accuracy and customer satisfaction, and reduces operational costs by avoiding rework.

While companies draw multiple benefits from BPA such as streamlining processes and automating series of manual tasks, they also get to focus more on their core competency and higher business goals. Businesses can then best use their manpower, time, and effort for innovation and improved services for customers to drive higher success and better profitability.

No-code platforms used for business process automation enable companies to ensure consistency across the organization by connecting and automating flow of tasks through workflow automation. Based on predefined business rules, different human tasks, data, and applications are connected across work activities for various processes as per workflow rules. Therefore, workflow automation focuses on automating different tasks rather than individual steps within a task.

For example, let’s say an organization wants to use the services of a talent acquisition service provider for hiring the right talent. The company can automate the entire process using the workflow automation-based BPA. All the steps such as resume submission, interview scheduling, selection results, document submission notifications and onboarding process can be automated.

In the above case, BPA can be used to create notification alerts to be sent to responsible parties for various core activities needing human intervention as well as automating the steps that can be done without the physical involvement of any human. This creates an effective, efficient, and transparent system with minimized human errors and manual work. The human resources team and others involved in hiring process can then focus more on their core activities and innovation for better results and improved services.

The recent trend in information technology domain of creating no-code development platforms (NCDPs) has given rise to plethora of such platforms for developing application software and automated business processes. These NCDPs enable users to quicken the process of application development as they require no code writing and work with graphical user interfaces and configuration. This allows companies to save substantial amount of time, money, and human resources.

One such no-code platform is Decisions for Business Process Management (BPM), helping businesses automate their processes through workflow automation. In order to leverage the power of BPA, companies across the world are engaging experienced Decisions BPM Developers to automate their processes and also for application development based on these no-code platforms and tools.

The benefits of workflow automation are numerous including enhanced collaboration among different departments, better accountability and transparent system due to automated processes, besides the significant advantages mentioned earlier. However, no-code platforms have created the new possibilities for companies to expedite the business process automation and go beyond the traditional IT development processes.